what we do

Design-wise, our first passion is the web. Never before in the history of communication has a single medium provided so much value. A well-designed website can function as business card, brochure, newsletter, calendar, donation appeal and much more. For nonprofits, an informative, well-structured website frees staff from having to answer questions, inspires volunteerism, drives donations and builds respect in the community.

This value is multiplied when it's built into a website that's easy for a client to maintain themselves. We've developed a database-driven system that's so easy to use, even technology-averse clients can be adding articles and uploading photos with less than an hour of training. No more paying someone to update your site, or waiting for your volunteer webmaster to get back from vacation.

Of course we're equally at home with the more traditional design disciplines. Identity development, brand management, the full range of printed business collateral, and special items like event invitations, posters, banners, and vehicle graphics. We'll even help you get the most out of your letterhead and envelopes with customized Word templates that ensure your identity is presented in its best light.

We believe our strongest asset is the relationship we develop with our clients. We are dedicated to understanding our clients' business, helping them grow, and empowering them to pursue their vision.