who we are

Bob Meador (brand management, design, web development)
Bob spent six years as an independent designer before co-founding design firm RMB Vivid. Thanks to ties to the music community (Bob previously owned a recording studio) he was involved in the design of more than 200 CDs, along with a wide array of identity development, business collateral, product packaging and website work. At RMB Vivid, Bob worked with Paul Allen's Vulcan Ventures, the Experience Music Project, Ackerley Communications, Wall Data and many other corporate-level clients. He left RMB Vivid in late 2000 and traveled extensively over the next two years before forming Cultivate Design with Willo Bellwood. In addition to his love for design and clever uses of technology, Bob counts among his passions long-distance motorcycle travel and photography.

Willo Bellwood (design, design consulting)
Willo earned her BFA in Graphic Design from Western State University in Bellingham. In addition to a multitude of freelance design projects, Willo also served as designer at RMB Vivid, where she worked on projects for On The Boards, Forza Capital Management and more. She has a stubborn, uncompromising devotion to good design, and is also quite fond of cooking and travel.